Malaysia’s economy is beginning to pick up along with some other Asian countries like Singapore and Dubai. With cheaper overhead and labour costs, sound government policies for global trade and business, and an overall healthy economy that encourages consumer spending, it makes practical sense to choose Malaysia either to start a new company or expand your existing one.… Read More

Whether you are running a local business and you want to expand or if you are launching an Internet-based business, holding meetings in various countries and locations around the world is often necessary for success. When you are in need of finding rooms to rent, consider looking into meeting rooms around Kuala Lumpur to utilize for any type of meeting or conference you have in mind.… Read More


A serviced office and a virtual office are different things, but both are alternatives to having to buy a building right off the bat. It is possible to run a business and interact with employees in a professional manner without having to own a building.


Many business people who come to Malaysia do not intent to stay long.… Read More


Offshore and outstation company formation requires some basic information about the laws of the state where it is being off shored. In most countries offshore companies are to be registered separately. The company registration must be carried out by someone residing outside the offshore jurisdictions. The company should not trade in any way within the offshore jurisdictions.… Read More

Since our company has been planning to branch out to Singapore, my boss asked me to search on “Singapore serviced office“. One of the many things I learned from working in a multinational corporation is that there’s a huge gap between a traditional office and a serviced office.

The first thing you’d notice in a serviced office is the absence of numerous employees.… Read More

A problem that many people tend to encounter is being unable to find the best serviced offices for their personal situation. Finding a great office for your needs is important, so it is vital to know exactly how to evaluate different potential businesses to help address your specific needs. Many people will commonly make the mistake of selecting the first serviced office to rent that they come across.… Read More