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Defaulted on Your Credit Card? Financial Advisors Give Their Advice

Having a credit card in Malaysia has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s a good way to purchase and avail of your daily necessities. But it can also be a source of financial problems if you are not careful with your purchases. And of course, you need to make sure that you make your credit card payments in time. If you are not able to pay on time, your credit card will default, and this can hurt your ability to get approved for future credit card applications, loans, and other forms of credit-based services.

Financial Advisors Give Their Advice

If you default on your credit card, don’t worry too much because there are certain things you can do to either fix the problem or minimize the effects on your credit rating. Below is some financial advice in Malaysia coming from knowledgeable and experienced financial consultants.

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LEARN FROM THE MASTER – What Robert Kiyosaki Can Teach You About Saving Money

richdad-facebook-ogHave you read about the master financial plan? In case you have not, the said plan was penned by Robert Kiyosaki, the well-renowned author of the best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Mr. Kiyosaki was credited to have changed the mindset of millions around the world about personal finance. Financial and wealth managers who give sound financial advice in Malaysia must have taken some pointers from this man.

The theory of Robert Kiyosaki is not about amassing wealth and being rich. He set the worldwide trend of simply putting an order in your personal finances, which is the key to obtaining wealth. Wealth is relative, and therefore you shouldn’t compare yours with others’. Creating your private financial plan is the real objective...

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Vinod Sekhar, Man of Many Talents

Talk of Datuk Vinod Sekhar and one thinks of many things … visionary, businessman, movie producer, environmentalist, and even political commentator.

Praised by everyone from former US President, Bill Clinton to Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Vinod counts many international luminaries as close friends and buddies. He even continues to do business with some of them like Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis who is another close friend.

So what makes Vinod Sekhar so attractive or interesting to those who know him? Is it because he just brims with ideas and lofty concepts of a more just world where everyone can be helped to earn a decent living?

Or is it his connections with the powers that be from around the world which makes almost everything he touches turn to gold – read huge profits for his business as...

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4 Helpful Finance Tips for Recent College Grads

It is important for recent college graduates to keep track of their personal finances. A majority of college graduates exit school with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. It is important to be organized regarding financial matters. Here are some financial tips for recent college grads.

Know Where You Stand

It is important for people to get an accounting of the student loan and credit card debt that they have. Debt can be a heavy burden to carry while being young and just starting out in the work force. Wages for this segment of individuals is often low so being careful with spending is crucial.

Pay Down Debt Often

It is a good idea for individuals to pay down debt quickly to avoid having to deal with years of interest fees...

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Ways to Improve Investor Confidence and Obtain Private Equity Investments

Ways to Improve Investor Confidence and Obtain Private Equity Investments – Part 1

Many businesses attempt to raise capital to finance their current operations, expand their business, or adjust their debt/capital ratios. In order to do so businesses need to tap either public or private equity markets. While public equity markets provide businesses with the ability to generate significant amounts of capital, there are many costs associated with doing so. Being listed on a public exchange requires registration with the SEC (S-1 filing), regular quarterly (10q) and annual (10k) filings, and significant legal, accounting, and administrative costs associated with doing so. Many businesses determine that it is not cost-effective to become publicly listed and instead choose to remain private.


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