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Defaulted on Your Credit Card? Financial Advisors Give Their Advice

Having a credit card in Malaysia has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s a good way to purchase and avail of your daily necessities. But it can also be a source of financial problems if you are not careful with your purchases. And of course, you need to make sure that you make your credit card payments in time. If you are not able to pay on time, your credit card will default, and this can hurt your ability to get approved for future credit card applications, loans, and other forms of credit-based services.

Financial Advisors Give Their Advice

If you default on your credit card, don’t worry too much because there are certain things you can do to either fix the problem or minimize the effects on your credit rating. Below is some financial advice in Malaysia coming from knowledgeable and experienced financial consultants.

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LEARN FROM THE MASTER – What Robert Kiyosaki Can Teach You About Saving Money

richdad-facebook-ogHave you read about the master financial plan? In case you have not, the said plan was penned by Robert Kiyosaki, the well-renowned author of the best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Mr. Kiyosaki was credited to have changed the mindset of millions around the world about personal finance. Financial and wealth managers who give sound financial advice in Malaysia must have taken some pointers from this man.

The theory of Robert Kiyosaki is not about amassing wealth and being rich. He set the worldwide trend of simply putting an order in your personal finances, which is the key to obtaining wealth. Wealth is relative, and therefore you shouldn’t compare yours with others’. Creating your private financial plan is the real objective...

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Journeying Through the Administrative Realm – How to Start and Build a Career as an Admin Assistant


Administrative work isn’t just for anyone. With such a long list of responsibilities and duties to fulfill, employers never settle for second best when hiring admin assistants. That’s why even when there are quite a number of admin jobs available at any given time, individuals trying to start or build a career in the industry often struggle to find their big break. Don’t lose hope, though – it’s very possible to become a successful administrative professional if you play your cards right. Find out how you can start and grow a blossoming career as an admin assistant with this helpful guide.

  1. Gain Experience – Admin assistant duties aren’t easy...
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5 Reasons Why Your Employees (Secretly) Hate You


What your employees think about you affects not just their performance but the business operations as well. Actively disengaged employees, especially those who absolutely abhor their managers, end up doing substandard work and affect team morale.

Do you think your employees secretly hate you? Here are some possible reasons that you’re not just paranoid.1

  • You lack leadership skills. In a study by Tolero Solutions, researchers noted that 45 percent of employees surveyed said lack of trust in leadership is the number one issue that affects their work performance. You need to show your employees that you have what it takes to lead them towards bigger goals.2
  • You disrespect your employees. Incivility affects not just your relationship with your employees but also the business...
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The Rise of a Future Start-up – 5 Things You Need


Malaysia’s economy is beginning to pick up along with some other Asian countries like Singapore and Dubai. With cheaper overhead and labour costs, sound government policies for global trade and business, and an overall healthy economy that encourages consumer spending, it makes practical sense to choose Malaysia either to start a new company or expand your existing one. But before you sign up for company registration in Malaysia, here are five things you’ll need to know or have.


Solid Brand 

Even humble brands that decide to stay local tend to crumble from the weight of more well-established competition and/or from the lack of a solid managerial team running it. What more if you were trying to compete internationally...

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