The internet has truly expanded since its initial creation. Originally there were very few options for domains to choose from, mainly just .com and .net. As the internet began to evolve, more domain types were added for specific uses, such as .org for organizations and .edu for educational institutions. More and more domain types were created, such as .biz, .info, .gov, .net, and .mobi. Now there is an endless variety of domain types to choose from depending on what your website is for, or more importantly, where your website is going to be based. Most large countries have their own domain type. The US is .us, the UK is, and Singapore’s is .sg. If you’re in Singapore and wanting to launch a website, you may consider a .sg domain. However, what if you are a foreigner, can you still register .sg domains?


Benefits of Different Domains Types

There are benefits of using other domains other than .com. Your domain should reflect your brand or cause of the website. If you’re a church or non-profit, it would make more sense to use .org rather than .com. If you’re a business, .biz might be more appropriate for you. Certain domain types make the whole domain easier to remember, and in some cases using something other than .com can actually make your domain shorter overall. For example, if you wanted to start a website called Website Pro, would be shorter and catchier than

If you’re wanting to either set up a website for a business that’s based in Singapore, or you’re wanting to market a business to people in Singapore, you would definitely benefit from .sg domains. However, since these domains are for Singapore websites only what happens if you’re a foreigner? Can you still register one of these domains?


According to the Singapore Network Information Centre, you can register a .sg domain even if you’re a foreigner. However, you have to “appoint a local agent having a valid Singapore postal address as the Administrative Contact.” This could be as simple as the domain registrar listing themselves as the administrative contact, and most registrars do this anyhow.

If you are looking to buy .sg domains as a foreigner and you can find someone with a Singapore postal address to list as the administrative contact, you can indeed buy these domains. However, you may be limited as to what type of .sg domain you can buy depending on the domain registration service you use. Also, the cost to do this may be higher than it would be to buy a domain for your country. Either way, it can be done and you can take advantage of having a Singapore domain as a foreigner.