These are a few beauty secrets that work better and save money. Enjoy these tips and tricks and use them to your benefit!


Problem: You have an oily face and have to reapply powder often.

Solution: Baby powder

This may sound crazy but it really works! Baby powder is super absorbent and can last the entire day on an oily face. It applies rather transparently but feel free to mix it with a loose-powder bronzer to achieve your color tone. Plus, baby powder is super inexpensive and also comes in travel-size bottles that fit great in a make-up bag.

Problem: Your face looks shiny.


Solution: Matte foundation

Using a matte foundation will give you a more even skin tone and gives you more control over the highlighted and contoured areas of your face. This makes a huge difference in playing up the shape of your face. You don’t have to invest in a fancy matte foundation either, Rimmel makes an excellent matte mousse foundation that is only $4-$5. Random Guest Advertiser: New York Skin Malaysia

Problem: You would like your teeth to be whiter.


Solution: Baking soda and peroxide


Use a bit of baking soda and add a few drops of peroxide enough to make a paste. Then brush your teeth with it as a whitening treatment! An added bonus to this is that it won’t make your teeth abnormally white and will rather make your teeth more of a natural shade of white. And if whiter teeth isn’t already something to smile about, baking soda and peroxide are both inexpensive and will last you quite a while if only used for this purpose.

Problem: You have dry/oily combination skin that is difficult to moisturize evenly.

Solution: Coconut oil


Raw coconut oil is an effective moisturizer for all skin types. It is best to apply at night so the oil can have time to really soak in before you apply make-up the next day. Coconut oil is a solid but will liquify during application. Be sure to apply sparingly because too much oil won’t soak in thoroughly. The cost of this jar is excellent considering how many uses you will get out of it.