Congrats on making the decision to apply for a new job! Being a first-timer in anything can be intimidating, especially job applications, but it doesn’t have to be a nerve-wrecking experience.


If you’re applying for admin job for the very first time, whether it’s a creative job or others, these five skills are applicable in any types of jobs, so if you possess them, you’re way ahead of the pack:information-about-us_0


  1. The ability to obtain and process information quickly

    Since this will be your first job, your hiring managers will understand the need to train you before taking on big responsibilities or projects. However, they’ll also expect you to learn things fast, so focus on becoming an effective listener and a fast learner. During screening, hiring managers will consider how much impact you’ve made during your last internship or your grades (which reflects your ability to crunch and churn out knowledge). Make an impression by showing your strongest coursework or project and include them in your resume. In addition to that, you can also show your ability in adapting to new info.


  1. The ability to talk confidently (especially with stakeholders)

    Communicating effectively makes you a stellar candidate hiring managers are dying to have. Not only should you be able to speak and communicate confidently with your colleagues, managers and clients, being able to talk confidently with stakeholders gives you a boost in climbing up the career ladder. Showcase your communication skills in your resume by including phrases like “Facilitated meetings for the creative department during my internship” or “Presented infographics to 40 attendees of a graphic design event”. Remember to explain these points concisely and confidently during interview if it is asked by the hiring manager.


  1. The ability to prioritise, organise and plan your work

    Rest assured that all of those plans you made during your student years don’t go to waste, as you can highlight your ability in prioritising, organising and planning your work by showing how well you made plans for student events, faculty festivals, study week, orientation and many more. Due to how limited the resume space is, keep your highlights short and concise to about 1-2 sentences. Also, remember to mention the people that you’ve collaborated with and who were impacted by your work.Problem-Solving


  1. The ability to make decisions and solve problems

    The career world, regardless of what industry it is, will certainly pose new challenges every day, so the better equipped you are at handling them by solving problems and making decisions, the higher the chances of you climbing the career ladder. Remember to highlight the things you did that showcase your ability to troubleshoot problems and show initiative in the resume.


  1. The ability to work in a team

    One of the first things hiring managers will look for in their candidates are their ability to perform within a group structure and make useful contributions to the team. Show how great your teamwork skill is by highlighting it in your resume by including things like “Led a five-person team on content management” or “Collaborated in a group of eight to organise a meetup”. Be prepared to answer questions related to these things mentioned during interview.


Not only are the skills mentioned increase your chances of getting your foot in the door, they’re also transferrable should you wish to switch careers later on. Work on your skills to increase the chance of landing the job. Aside from brushing up on your soft skills, remember to improve on your hard skills too.