A question that never fails to be asked to me at least once per day is “is a corrugated box sturdier than a regular box?” Well, this is a great question and the answer to this question is really a simple one. Yes, corrugated boxes are a lot stronger and sturdier than traditional cardboard boxes. This is why items that you purchase on the internet are always shipped in corrugated boxes. First, corrugated boxes can handle a lot heavier items than normal cardboard boxes. Secondly, corrugated boxes will last way longer in elements such as rain and snow than normal cardboard boxes. Have you ever been on vacation and came home to find some sopping wet packages on your doorstep? Well, if these packages were shipped in regular cardboard, all the contents of the box would be sopping wet as well, where corrugated cardboard boxes better protects its contents from the elements such as rain and snow.