There is a large group of people that have problems due to the eyes. Many cannot see far enough down the road, many cannot read a book that is only a foot away from their face. In order to correct this, many of these individuals go out and retrieve prescription glasses and contact lenses. But a lot of them do not like to deal with the hassle of cleaning them, putting glasses on the face, or putting contacts into their eyes. But, with technology, there is an alternative called LASIK.

LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, a surgical procedure that reforms the inner cornea. The surgery cures myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. What happens during the procedure is that it focuses light directly on the retina. A small cut is made to the cornea and is then reshaped with an eximer laser and the small cut is then flipped back into place. Although it may sound scary, there are many advantages to having LASIK surgery; as it can change an individual’s life by eliminating their eye problems.

An advantage of LASIK eye surgery is that it gives the person freedom from any eye wear. Multiple people can achieve 20/20 vision while most achieve 20/40 vision. The type of vision that is achieved depends on what the individuals vision was before the surgery. Having such a strong vision, one will not need to worry about glasses or contacts anymore. Many who have had the surgery are glad that they don’t have to remember where they put their glasses or constantly replace their contacts.

The quick results that may be received are also a benefit, as one does not like to wait so long for results. Most are blown away by how well they see the next day or, in some cases, the same day. Complete recovery of the eyes is considered to be as long as three months.

LASIK surgery also provides that an individual pay a one time fee. Visit the local Singapore eye centre, give them money, then it’s complete. No going back for prescriptions updates or appointments. There is no need to buy another pair of glasses because the other is broken.

Of course there are side effects to this kind of surgery. Common LASIK side effects include delayed epithelial healing, dry eyes, haze, pain and light sensitivity, and glare and halos. These side effects are not too serious when compared to the amazing results LASIK gives. As dealing with annoyances for a short time can lead to dealing with amazing vision for a lifetime.