Many people believe that mass communications is related solely to journalism, with those who graduate from the course falling into careers that revolve around the news industry. While it is true that a course in mass communications can land you a job as a newspaper writer or a news anchor, there are lots of different job options for the eager mass communications graduate. Most, if not all, of the universities and colleges in Malaysia offer mass communications because it’s a popular course among students. But not all of these students understand the true potential they earn when they graduate with a degree in mass com. If you’re thinking about taking up the course, or if you’ve recently graduated, this short list of career options after mass communications should help you with your next steps.mcm_studio

  1. Direction – Mass communications is all about reaching out to a large group of people with a message, either for the purpose of informing or advertising. That said, people who graduate with a degree in mass communications can take on the role of a director for commercials, news productions, and even plays and movies. With the right skill set, someone with the degree can guide the flow of different types of media,to encapsulate the right concepts and communicate the intended message efficiently.
  2. Script-writing – Many of those taking a mass communication course in Malaysia fail to realize that the degree can be used as a stepping stone towards becoming a scriptwriter. Whether writing for commercials, movies, plays, or any other sort of production that requires a flow of dialogue, mass communications graduates are the ideal candidates for the job. That’s because they have the understanding on what words to use and how to use them in order to appeal to their audience. This is essential when writing scripts, because it ensures the interest of the listeners and readers.

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  3. Publication and Editing – Book publishing companies rely on mass communications graduates in order to proofread and edit books prior to publication. This is because writers are not immune to errors, and often, they might put words together in a way that doesn’t efficiently communicate their ideas. Mass communications graduates can polish their write-ups in order to guarantee the success of the book or publication, when it hits store shelves.advertising-marketing_640x480
  4. Advertising and Marketing – Who better to reach out to a target market than a mass communications graduate? With an in-depth understanding of how to communicate with a large audience, mass com graduates are the ideal candidate to fill in advertising and marketing positions. Usually, the job entails coming up with strategies on how to advertise and market brands, products, and services, as well as deciding on the right personality to project in order to build a positive reputation in the
  5. Public Relations – Mass communications graduates, while trained to communicate with large audiences, are also ideal for public relations positions. With an ability to create fruitful relationships through communication and conversation, mass com graduates can create beneficial networks and contacts to help bring their company to higher ground.

Mass communication graduates have a lot in store for them, so it would be wise to look into all the possibilities to better understand what you can do with your degree. Look deeper into your options, and find out just what your future might be after graduating mass com.