Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Many people forget about this thinking that organs are only internal. The skin membrane is an external organ with many important functions. Here is the 7 Step Process for Cleaning and Moisturising Skin.

What is the Purpose of Skin?

Human skin is the outer covering protecting you from sun, biological and physical dangers. It must be flexible and elastic to cover your arms, torso and legs as you move. Your facial skin must look beautiful because it is what greets the world. The protein that keeps skin elastic is called “collagen.”

In order to keep your skin young, healthy and attractive, dermatologists will recommend skin care moisturisers. These will prevent your skin from becoming rigid, dry or wrinkled. A Singapore aesthetic doctor can help you look your best.

Structure of skin


Skin Levels

The skin consists of the following layers from external to internal: Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. The hair follicle begins its growth in the Dermis rising up to the Epidermis. The sweat glands, connective tissue, blood vessels and fat are stored in the Hypodermis level.

A fully hygienic cleansing regimen will involve all three layers of your skin. The internal layers will be re-nourished with a diet high in leafy vegetables delivering protein. The external layers will be protected with oil, cream and sunscreen.

Follow Seven Easy Steps for Healthy Skin

If you want your skin to take care of you, then you will take good care of your skin. Plan your bathing routine out by giving yourself plenty of time for each step. Here are the 7 steps to healthy skin:

Add water
Add soap
Facial or body scrub

Start by wetting your skin. This will remove any dust, dirt or foreign material. View your skin’s response to the water to determine its condition. Look for any minor cuts, rashes or bruises.

Add soap making sure you fully lather. The soap will interact with the water and dirt on your skin creating bonds. When you rinse your skin, this will remove the water and dirt at the same time.

Scrub off any dead skin, then dry your skin properly. In humid climates, skin that is permanently wet can become clammy and unhealthy.

Start to re-moisturize using a little oil. Your body will be clean, but dry. You might need to properly rinse some soap scum off from it. Next, add your favorite body cream for a deeper moisture layer. Finally, eat a good diet full of protein to have good healthy skin.


A guide for naturally healthy and beautiful #skin: Learn how to keep your skin healthy and nice in this #infographic:

 Tips for skin care


Singapore Plastic Surgeon Can Help

An aesthetic doctor in Singapore can help you with any skin conditions, products, advice and age management. It is important for you to follow-through with the best cosmetics skin care treatments in your home. Cosmetic surgery can help correct imperfections to make you look your best.

Your skin is amazing and with proper beauty treatments, you can keep it young and vigorous. Skin care products can go a long way in providing the necessary nutrients. Take good care of your skin and your body will thank you.