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When it comes to nailing a great location for your traditional Chinese wedding, it’s all about staying smart and savvy. Cultural weddings have up their game in recent years, and Thailand is one of the sought-after destinations for this joyous union. If you’re planning to host your traditional Chinese wedding in the exotic capital city, here are some tips to finding the best venue.

Choose A Strategic Location for Convenience Securing a strategic venue is essential to ensure convenience for your traveling guests. It’s good to research on the availability of nearby hotels for your guest’s overnight stay and the venue’s accessibility for your caterers and transportation.

Be Prepared for Traffic Conditions Checking the traffic conditions around your venue should come in second. Ask the staff about the traffic congestion surrounding your venue, especially during the peak hours, and the availability of public taxis to chauffeur your out-of-town guests. You wouldn’t want your relatives or guests to arrive an hour late, would you?

Plan Your Budget, And Stick To It It’s easy to go overboard with your wedding budget when you’re hit with unexpected fees. This is why having a detailed budget, including extra expenses you should expect, is important. Keep those extra charges at bay by running through the wedding package to its finest details such as corkage fee, or sound system rentals.

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Check The Theme Compatibility Hosting a traditional Chinese wedding comes with intricate necessities such as Oriental-themed decorations and elaborate placements. Always carry out a recce of your wedding location to figure out whether it’s compatible with your wedding theme and size. Deciding on a venue for Chinese tea wedding ceremony is equally crucial, that’s why it’s highly advisable that you research several places before deciding.

Count Your Wedding Guests, and Expect Some Extra While every relatives and friend would love to be a part of your big day, always keep in mind on your wedding guest count and stick to it. Keep in mind, however, that some of your guests will bring their partners or friends. Then, choose a venue that is spacious enough to host your loved ones and relatives, and at the same time, allows your guests to mingle around for the customary yum seng.

Similar to finding the perfect home, the best venue should bring out the best of your traditional Chinese wedding and the needs that it entails. If you manage to secure a place that ticks all of the boxes above, you may have found the perfect venue to celebrate your blissful occasion. Happy wedding!