While every homeowner wants their property to look completely spotless, this is not always feasible. Sometimes we just don’t have the time and energy to give our homes a good cleaning. That’s why when you’re having an unexpected visitor stop over and you need to make your home look cleaner than it really is, there are steps you can take.


1. Spend At Least 5 Minutes on Your Home Every Day

The best thing you can do for yourself is to clean you home for a few minutes every single day. That way when last minute company comes over you won’t have to be running for the scooba robot vacuum and other high tech gadgets to get your home cleaned. Instead, you’ll just have a little tidying up to do. By taking these short five minutes everyday to clean your home, you’ll ultimately be making matters easier for yourself. Remember, it’s quicker to clean your house when it’s already in good shape.


dishes in oven

Place your dirty dishes in the oven and baking sheet and stack of the dishes on top of each other.


2. Toss Your Dishes in the Oven

A sink full of dirty dishes will only make you look like a huge slob. However, you can’t eat off of a dish filled with sauce, crumbs and other food particles. That’s why a last minute tip to make your house look cleaner would be to put these dishes in the oven. All you need to do is pick out a baking sheet and stack of the dishes on top of each other. From there, slide the baking sheet filled with the fished back in the oven. Once the company is gone, they’ll be prestacked and all ready for you to wash them. Of course, though, make sure your oven isn’t on when you’re doing this.

rubber glove

Easily remove pet hair by using rubber gloves!


3. Remove Pet Hair

While your house may be super clean, if you have a sofa that is covered in cat fur or layers of dog hair, it will lose its appeal. Your home will suddenly come across as dirty. Make sure to always keep a rubber glove on hand. This way you can get rid of all the fur and hair in a few simple sweeps.


spare closet

Use a spare closet to stash your items in organized manner to prevent wasting time searching it next time.


4. Stash Your Items in an Organized Manner

When company decides to come over in a hurry, we often get flustered and throw all of our belongings in a basket or spare closet. While this is definitely a quick fix to the problem, we can often get lost of where we threw our items in the hustle and bustle. That’s why this whole solution can be done much more efficiently. For example, put things in a basket based on what room they belong to. This way, once your company leaves for the day, you can remove the items and figure out exactly where they go without having to make a bunch of trips putting things back where they go.


5. Thoroughly Clean the Most Important Areas

Of course you want every area of your room cleaned to impress your guests, but it is crucial that you thoroughly clean the most important areas, which are the toilets, television and tabletops. That’s because these three items are often the focal points of whatever room they are in. If there is dust or dirt on these objects, it is not only unhygienic in some cases but also a tell tale sign that the rest of your home isn’t all that clean. That is why if you want to give off the illusion to your visitors that you keep your home in tip top shape, it’s best to clean these objects immediately.


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