It is important for recent college graduates to keep track of their personal finances. A majority of college graduates exit school with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. It is important to be organized regarding financial matters. Here are some financial tips for recent college grads.

Know Where You Stand

It is important for people to get an accounting of the student loan and credit card debt that they have. Debt can be a heavy burden to carry while being young and just starting out in the work force. Wages for this segment of individuals is often low so being careful with spending is crucial.

Pay Down Debt Often

It is a good idea for individuals to pay down debt quickly to avoid having to deal with years of interest fees. A good way to do this is to at the end of each month, select a creditor to make an extra payment to. This can really help with student loan and credit card debt as it reduces the principal balances much faster.

Do Not Compound the Problems

Young people often get addicted to shopping. When people exit college, they think that getting a job will afford them the same luxuries that they saw their parents have when they were kids. The economy has changed and most people will struggle financially well into their thirties.

People need to not compound the problem by avoiding new types of debt. For example, car loans, credit cards and home mortgages can be offered to people. However, it is important to have a sufficient amount of savings before trying to secure any new lines of credit while being new to the work force.

Job security is mostly elusive so recent graduates need to take their time before making any large purchases. Anyone can become unemployed at any time so this needs to be taken into consideration. An emergency fund with at least six months of expenses should be set up.

Be Thrifty

Couponing is a great way to save money. Recent graduates can find coupons online and in newspapers. This is a great way to save money on every day consumer products and services. This can help people to stop relying on credit cards and to pay cash for purchases. It takes time to have a solid financial routine in place but individuals can do it right after college ends if they are disciplined.

Author: Alain Fanaie / China Sonangol