When working at a retail store, you will notice different types of security setups. While this is good, you should understand that they will do more than prevent theft. Without a doubt, with the right setups, you can protect employees and customers alike. With this in mind, here are the three most common types of store security you will encounter.




Security guard

Now, if you are in a rough area and want to go above and beyond the norm to protect your store, you should hire a retail store security guide. With this, not only will you have a presence in the front of the store, but you will have someone there who can help people with their day. When looking for security guard services, you should remember to hire a well-trained and dedicated security guard who knows what he or she is doing. While this sounds like an easy job, it is not. In fact, if you want to work in this field, you should have a lot of experience and plenty of training. Simply put, if you hire a store security guard for your retail site, you will save money in the long run as customer and employees alike are unlikely to steal or cause problems.





Video camera

With a well-placed video camera, you should have no issue in scaring off most thieves. To take this further, you should place a sign at the front of the store informing people you videotape them during their shopping experience. Not only that, you should use multiple cameras so you can watch every area of the store. With this, you will take a proactive approach to protecting your items as most people will see the cameras and think twice about swiping an item or two. Now, if you do catch someone, you will have evidence and can go a long way in getting a conviction at the trial. Furthermore, should you get robbed, you will have something to give the police. Either way you look at it, if you run a retail store, you should have a camera in multiple locations.

smart thief caught on cam




Tracking devices

Sometimes, you can track your items and make sure nobody takes them past a certain point. You usually see this in high-end and boutique stores where the items are extremely expensive. This is not cost-effective if you run a retail store selling groceries. However, as mentioned, if you sell expensive items, you should use this system. To do so, you would need to tag every piece of expensive equipment you want to sell. Then, you would need to install a security gate where every employee and customer has to pass through on the way to leaving the scene. When doing this wisely, you will go a long way in preventing problems.

If you run a retail site, you must protect your items and people in the store. Luckily, with a solid plan, you will not succumb to common problems many have when they want to protect their retail store.