A long term car rental is a good solution to a common dilemma many people face. For some individuals, flying is not possible or desirable. Although it may take longer, driving provides a good way to enjoy the scenery and is a way for families traveling together to bond. Driving one way and returning another is also an option for people who can’t decide. There are several advantages of renting a vehicle for a long-distance trip.


Save Money On Gas

Many people choose to rent a vehicle instead of taking their own due to gas mileage costs. When driving for a long distance, the savings can really add up. For example, taking a vehicle that gets 20 miles to the gallon on a trip across the country would be considerably more expensive than taking a vehicle that gets 32 miles to the gallon. Depending on gas prices, the total distance and the mpg gap, the savings might even pay for the cost of the rental itself.


Save Fuel Infographic



Avoid Wear-And-Tear Costs

If the savings for gas mileage alone is enough to pay for the rental fee, then the added benefit of not having to pay for the likely repairs or maintenance on a personal vehicle can make it cheaper to rent a car. Most people wind up changing the oil, having a tune-up or having some other form of maintenance work performed on their vehicles before or after a long trip. In some unfortunate cases, they find themselves stranded away from home with enormous repair bills and a reduced vacation budget. Rental companies typically provide replacement vehicles or will fund the repairs if something goes wrong with a vehicle during a long trip.


More Space Or Features

Many people rent vehicles for more space or better features. People who have older vehicles may not have safety features that are available on newer rental cars. When driving during the winter or for long periods of time, these safety features are very useful for keeping both the driver and passengers safer. In addition to this, many rental companies have larger cars, SUVs and minivans with good gas mileage to choose from.

These are just a few reasons people choose to rent vehicles for long-distance trips that are one way. Several rental car companies offer special prices for longer periods of time in these cases. There is usually a one-way fee added to the cost of the rental, but it is a reasonable price. People who do not have their own automobiles or insurance policy should purchase a temporary policy from the rental car company or from another reliable vendor. Be sure to read the policy to understand what it covers and to what extent various inclusions are covered. Click here for more information about vehicle rental rates and one-way options for long distances.


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